Poems of the Week – Stuart Dybek

THREE POEMS BY STUART DYBEK   Fish Camp In the Coleman’s glassy glare my brother’s switchblade unriddles backlash. A bullhead, the weight of a rat, flops in the dirt, dropped when its spine added a scar to the lines of my palm. Bullheads should utter some cry. Someone should have warned those city boys fishingContinue reading “Poems of the Week – Stuart Dybek”

Carrie Oeding featured in the Denver Quarterly

Here is a wonderful poem by Carrie Oeding that was featured in a recent issue of the Denver Quarterly.   Inside a Map of Arnold Schwarzeneggar’s Arm   I map my arm as if it can be a map, too. I want to see my arm inside of his, to arm wrestle for territory withContinue reading “Carrie Oeding featured in the Denver Quarterly”

Poems of the Week – Noah Eli Gordon

THREE POEMS BY NOAH ELI GORDON   A point of view apart from a personal embrace watching the unfolding of an envelope a red thread from a felt purse landscape pulled in increments or another anchor to architecture love to the voice-over of someone older if this desire for narrative outweighed our willingness to concedeContinue reading “Poems of the Week – Noah Eli Gordon”

A review of The Mimic Sea on THEthe Poetry Blog

Levi Rubeck has posted a review of Erica’s The Mimic Sea over on THEthe Poetry Blog. Here is an excerpt: “The Mimic Sea is primarily constructed of things you think you have seen, shades, echoes, etc. You are left at the pit of the world, a gaping expanse at one side and the whole ofContinue reading “A review of The Mimic Sea on THEthe Poetry Blog”

Carrie Oeding on Connotation Press

Carrie has a few new poems up over at Connotation Press…   The Roped Years     After the age of disconnection came the age of connection. One couple tied each end of a three-foot rope around a wrist. They connected. They touched each other less. They touched each other more. They pretended not toContinue reading “Carrie Oeding on Connotation Press”