Winner, 2020 42 Miles Press Poetry Award

We would like to say THANK YOU to everyone that submitted a manuscript this year. Here are the final results, announcing the winner, the finalists, and the semi-finalists. Finalists are indicated by an asterisk. Winner: Tracey Emin’s Tent / Jake Bauer *Peep / Danielle Blau *Future Symptoms / A. Molotkov Ghosts of the Permian Seas / DanielleContinue reading “Winner, 2020 42 Miles Press Poetry Award”

2020 42 Miles Press Poetry Award Finalists

We would like to say THANK YOU to everyone that submitted a manuscript this year. The winner will be announced soon. The pandemic has interrupted the usual flow of the process, so thank you for your patience while we decide on the winning manuscript. These are the poets/manuscripts that made it to the final round of decisioning,Continue reading “2020 42 Miles Press Poetry Award Finalists”

Manuscript Reading Update

Continuing to read manuscripts, which are better overall than in any previous year. We, in the past, have made announcements in July, but we are figuring this year’s announcement of finalists will come in middle to late August, with the winner announced quickly thereafter. Thank you for your patience. DDL

Stobb’s You Are Still Alive, Reviewed

From a marvelous review by Emily Wolahan of William Stobb’s You are Still Alive (published by 42 Miles Press) just out in Colorado Review: “Science fiction is important to this collection as a catalyst for considering the “infinite abyss,” only rather than outer space it is the interior that is explored. In “Doom,” the poemContinue reading “Stobb’s You Are Still Alive, Reviewed”


This is stirring, edgy, funny, heartbreaking poetry– a report coming at us at the speed of light, disarming in its casualness; relevant as all get-out– the personal and the public indistinguishable from each other. Check out William Stobb’s You are Still Alive. Here is a poem and a link so you can purchase a copy: Amazon