About 42 Miles Press:

42 Miles Press publishes books and chapbooks of poetry, including the winner of the 42 Miles Press Poetry Prize. We’re in Indiana. We like images, we like language. We like it real and surreal and unreal.

The annual reading period for the 42 Miles Press Poetry Prize Contest is February 1st through June 15.

Our Releases:
  • The Difficult Here by Christine Garren (Limited Chapbook)
  • Our List of Solutions by Carrie Oeding (2010 Poetry Prize)
  • The Mimic Sea by Erica Bernheim (2011 Poetry Prize)
  • Gross Ardor by Bill Rasmovicz (2012 Poetry Prize)
  • The Bottom by Betsy Andrews (2013 Poetry Prize)
  • Precarious by Allan Peterson (Editor’s Choice)
  • Mouth by Tracey Knapp (2014 Poetry Prize)
  • Ultra-Cabin by Kimberly Lambright (2015 Poetry Prize)
  • Decoherence by Nate Pritts (2016 Poetry Prize)
  • Air, Light, Dust, Shadow, Distance by Mary Ann Samyn (2017 Poetry Prize)
  • Wonders of the Invisible World by Clair Bateman (Pub. w/ Wolfson Press)
  • You Are Still Alive by William Stobb (2018 Poetry Prize)

For more information on the 42 Miles Press Poetry Award please visit our submissions page. If you have questions, comments, concerns, or would like to request a review copy please e-mail 42 Miles directly. Additional releases from 42 Miles Press can be found at SPD.

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