A Virtual Interview w/ Kimberly Lambright

Bookwoman poetry open mic curator, Cindy Huyser, interviewed Kimberly Lambright about Ultra-Cabin and we are delighted to report you can now find that interview here! And an excerpt (selfishly) mentioning 42 Miles Press here: “I sent Ultra-Cabin to about 15 first-book contests over a period of about 2 years; the book was a finalist/semifinalist for aContinue reading “A Virtual Interview w/ Kimberly Lambright”

Goodreads Book Giveaway — The Bottom by Betsy Andrews

To celebrate the release of Betsy Andrews newest book, we will be giving away 5 copies of  her book length poem The Bottom during the month of August on our Goodreads page. Please follow us there and keep an eye out for more 42 Miles giveaways! 42 Miles Press on Goodreads! If you are anxious to own aContinue reading “Goodreads Book Giveaway — The Bottom by Betsy Andrews”

New Review of The Bottom on Barn Owl Review

We are a few days late getting this posted on the blog, but Sarah Dravec has written a stellar review of Betsy Andrews’ The Bottom.  Here is an excerpt: You simply have to read this book to grasp the development of this piece. On a single page, for example, the narrative progresses from the numbnessContinue reading “New Review of The Bottom on Barn Owl Review”

Modernist Style, Contemporary Play, and Ecological Lament: On Betsy Andrews’ The Bottom

Originally posted on The Line Break:
A version of this review (and a better edited version) may appear in a future issue of Redactions: Poetry, Poetics, & Prose. // Betsy Andrews’ The Bottom (42 Miles Press, forthcoming 2014), winner of the 2013 42 Miles Press Poetry Award, opens with the 48-page long poem “The Bottom,” which consists…

Betsy Andrews, from New Jersey

Excerpt from New Jersey mining the savage electional hour the motorcade of monstrous mandate ferries the hard-coin incumbent from the site of the Battle of Paulus Hook to the site of the Battle of Red Bank logging the miles in a galling suit promising middling fortunes it’s a new entire, the castle rising, fugue stateContinue reading “Betsy Andrews, from New Jersey”

Our forthcoming books

Excerpts from our two forthcoming books, The Bottom by Betsy Andrews and Precarious by Allan Peterson, to be released this fall: BETSY ANDREWS from The Bottom the channel is a working-class stiff: bouys and ragged Confederate flags, a coveline of crosses on cliffs; “Look what they built us,” the pelicans think, concrete piers and signalContinue reading “Our forthcoming books”