Slate Book Review: The 27 Overlooked Books of 2015

Stephen Burt thinks you should check out Tracey Knapp’s “Mouth,” published by 42 Miles Press. Excerpt: Parts of Mouth feel like a mix tape from somebody with whom you’ve recently fallen in love; other parts feel like a very good anthology that might be called Casual Poems About Urban Living at, Say, 30. It’s aContinue reading “Slate Book Review: The 27 Overlooked Books of 2015”

Stephen Burt on Erica Bernheim

Excerpt from Stephen Burt’s “Nearly Baroque,” in Boston Review “We can also find the nearly Baroque in some recent first books. Erica Bernheim, who studied alongside Schiff at Iowa, specializes in the almost-adult, not-quite-committed love poem: “Roll over and tell me you’re a sofa, / backboned by an old quilt, tied to the notion /Continue reading “Stephen Burt on Erica Bernheim”