New Review: Carrie Oeding’s Our List of Solutions

There is a new review of Carrie Oeding’s Our List of Solutions up at Boxcar Poetry Review written by Frank Montesonti. Excerpt:  Welcome to the neighborhood. Our List of Solutions by Carrie Oeding feels like an eccentric neighbor who shows up on your front porch with a pitcher of sangria and a plate of burnt sausages from the barbequeContinue reading “New Review: Carrie Oeding’s Our List of Solutions”

A Review of Carrie Oeding’s Our List of Solutions 

Originally posted on The As It Ought to Be Archive:
A Review of Carrie Oeding’s Our List of Solutions by Angie Mazakis In a January 2010 blog post at HTMLGIANT, Elisa Gabbert, with the help of Mike Young*, cataloged popular “moves” in contemporary poetry, and the list, which is singular and far-reaching, is veracious in…

A FEW FAVORITES / Carrie Oeding

Interview with the Dickman twins, small excerpt and link . . .   Matthew: Everyone reading this should run and read Michael’s poem “Stations.” This poem has helped me sleep at night and then also kept me up until dawn. Right now, as far as my own contemporaries are concerned, I am excited about Bianca Stone,Continue reading “A FEW FAVORITES / Carrie Oeding”

Carrie Oeding on Connotation Press

Carrie has a few new poems up over at Connotation Press…   The Roped Years     After the age of disconnection came the age of connection. One couple tied each end of a three-foot rope around a wrist. They connected. They touched each other less. They touched each other more. They pretended not toContinue reading “Carrie Oeding on Connotation Press”