Forthcoming Chapbook by Allan Peterson

The 42 Miles Press family was excited to learn that one of our favorite poets and human-beings, Allan Peterson (author of Precarious), has a new chapbook available for preorder from Tupelo Press. It’s been a pretty great year for poetry.    

Tracey Knapp’s MOUTH — Available on SPD and Amazon

(poem from p. 77 of Tracey Knapp’s MOUTH, 42 Miles Press, 2015) Tracey Knapp’s MOUTH is now available at AMAZON and SPD. Click here for a sneak peek of the first couple of pages. If you are in the California area, Tracey will be celebrating the release of her first book, MOUTH, Wednesday, September 9 at 7:00pmContinue reading “Tracey Knapp’s MOUTH — Available on SPD and Amazon”

"Every piece of an Allan Peterson poem feels like a machine of soft cogs with soft balls rolling among them" — The Rumpus (@The_Rumpus) March 11, 2015 "The poems, like the poems in previous books aren’t momentous but more of the moment" — The Rumpus (@The_Rumpus) March 11, 2015

Brilliant review of Allan Peterson’s PRECARIOUS by Kent Shaw (THE RUMPUS)

AN EXCERPT:  “Oh, Allan Peterson. I thought I knew thee. I thought, To read an Allan Peterson poem is to expect the precarious, the poised, the anticipatory, the appointed. An aesthetics of the delicate edge. Imagine a soft rolling ball, the movement of one image tumbling so easily into the next, or an image thatContinue reading “Brilliant review of Allan Peterson’s PRECARIOUS by Kent Shaw (THE RUMPUS)”

Goodreads Book Giveaway — Precarious by Allan Peterson

(from Precarious, pg. 18) To celebrate the release of Allan’s newest book, we will be giving away 5 copies of Precarious on our Goodreads page. Please follow us there and keep an eye out for more 42 Miles giveaways! 42 Miles Press on Goodreads!