Slate Book Review: The 27 Overlooked Books of 2015

Stephen Burt thinks you should check out Tracey Knapp’s “Mouth,” published by 42 Miles Press. Excerpt: Parts of Mouth feel like a mix tape from somebody with whom you’ve recently fallen in love; other parts feel like a very good anthology that might be called Casual Poems About Urban Living at, Say, 30. It’s aContinue reading “Slate Book Review: The 27 Overlooked Books of 2015”

New Review: Carrie Oeding’s Our List of Solutions

There is a new review of Carrie Oeding’s Our List of Solutions up at Boxcar Poetry Review written by Frank Montesonti. Excerpt:  Welcome to the neighborhood. Our List of Solutions by Carrie Oeding feels like an eccentric neighbor who shows up on your front porch with a pitcher of sangria and a plate of burnt sausages from the barbequeContinue reading “New Review: Carrie Oeding’s Our List of Solutions”


G’evenin’, South Bend & beyond! It’s 1:41 AM on the first day of October. Here are three poems and a picture of an adult beverage…  (Photo by: Chad Forbregd)  GOOD NEWS BAD NEWS By Bruce Taylor Nothing’s what it used or ought to be: always too much of this, never enough of that, only aContinue reading “THREE POEMS TO READ AT 1:41 AM”

Announcing Finalists for the 2015 42 Miles Press Poetry Award

We are pleased to announce this year’s finalists for the 42 Miles Press Poetry Award. We will be announcing the winner on July 1st. 2015 finalists (in no particular order): Dore Kiesselbach Kimberly Lambright Angie Mazakis Monica Berlin Dan Kaplan Lindsay Tigue Jacqueline Berger Abigail Zimmer E. Giorgio Berwyn Moore Ashley Danielle Rye Gary FinckeContinue reading “Announcing Finalists for the 2015 42 Miles Press Poetry Award”

Brilliant review of Allan Peterson’s PRECARIOUS by Kent Shaw (THE RUMPUS)

AN EXCERPT:  “Oh, Allan Peterson. I thought I knew thee. I thought, To read an Allan Peterson poem is to expect the precarious, the poised, the anticipatory, the appointed. An aesthetics of the delicate edge. Imagine a soft rolling ball, the movement of one image tumbling so easily into the next, or an image thatContinue reading “Brilliant review of Allan Peterson’s PRECARIOUS by Kent Shaw (THE RUMPUS)”