42 Miles Press Poetry Award, 2019 Finalists

We would like to say THANK YOU to everyone that submitted a manuscript this year.

These are the poets/manuscripts that made it to the final round of decisioning, listed in no particular order:

Leigh Ann Couch, I Am Bird and I Am Dirt

Glenn Freeman, Drinking with O’Hara

Fay Dillof, Tips for Observing Mammals in the Wild

Joanna Fuhrman, The Bad Witness

Robert Murdock, Mutated Manlike

Bryce Berkowitz, Bermuda Ferris Wheel

Daniel Lechay, Easy for a Cat

Diane Martin, Tongue & Groove

Elizabeth Onusko, Early Indigo

Joseph Goosey, Parade of Malfeasance


Robert Cooperman, REEFER MADNESS

Peter Grandbois, Everything Has Become Birds

Maxine Scates, The Fates

Richard Terrill, What Falls Away Is Always

Karina Browicz, Rosetta

Daniel Biegelson, praisedbethelightofyourmechanics

Gregory Lawless, Introduction to Literature

Ann Keniston, somatic

Vincent Zompa, Asteroid Mambo

Steven Cramer, LISTEN

Robert Evory, Botnet

Henrietta Goodman, Flicker Noise

Susan Bruce, Illuminated Exit

Brad Johnson, Smuggling Elephants Through Airport Security

James Proffitt, A Purposeful Gait

Gary McDowell, Aflame

William H. Greenway, Everything

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