Goodreads Book Giveaway — The Bottom by Betsy Andrews

To celebrate the release of Betsy Andrews newest book, we will be giving away 5 copies of  her book length poem The Bottom during the month of August on our Goodreads page. Please follow us there and keep an eye out for more 42 Miles giveaways! 42 Miles Press on Goodreads! If you are anxious to own aContinue reading “Goodreads Book Giveaway — The Bottom by Betsy Andrews”

New Review of The Bottom on Barn Owl Review

We are a few days late getting this posted on the blog, but Sarah Dravec has written a stellar review of Betsy Andrews’ The Bottom.  Here is an excerpt: You simply have to read this book to grasp the development of this piece. On a single page, for example, the narrative progresses from the numbnessContinue reading “New Review of The Bottom on Barn Owl Review”

A Review of Carrie Oeding’s Our List of Solutions 

Originally posted on The As It Ought to Be Archive:
A Review of Carrie Oeding’s Our List of Solutions by Angie Mazakis In a January 2010 blog post at HTMLGIANT, Elisa Gabbert, with the help of Mike Young*, cataloged popular “moves” in contemporary poetry, and the list, which is singular and far-reaching, is veracious in…

New Poem by Allan Peterson on Plume

Allan Peterson has a new poem featured on Plume. Here is a small excerpt: END IN ITSELF All veins point to a heart in depleted rivers, in branches, the way I was shown at seven by Ruby’s sister to draw a tree by running many lines back to an axis. Where they overlapped a trunkContinue reading “New Poem by Allan Peterson on Plume”

Bill Rasmovicz’s Gross Ardor out now!

Winner of the 42 Miles Press Poetry Award, Bill Rasmovicz’s second full-length book of poems, Gross Ardor, focuses on a faith in the alchemy of the imagination. The book is post-apocalyptic in tone, but its incantatory rhythms and perceptual particularities, as they unfold line by line, create a continuously vibrant sense of the phenomenological, theContinue reading “Bill Rasmovicz’s Gross Ardor out now!”