A July Poem by Feng Sun Chen

FOURTH OF JULY Sometime, said the paper queen, you will cease to be loved. Maybe you will be lucky and a kind witch will tell you why. It’s probably your personality, for example. You will not understand your pain, which is shaped like a windmill and moves by the tug of a horrible moon butContinue reading “A July Poem by Feng Sun Chen”

Poems of the Week – Zachary Schomburg

THREE POEMS BY ZACHARY SCHOMBURG   THIS IS NOT FOG THIS IS COBWEBS This is not fog this is cobwebs. All I have is cobwebs. I will make a dress for you after plucking with my fingers from the fragile silk a spider a spider a spider O Evelyn, look our ribs are zippers.  Continue reading “Poems of the Week – Zachary Schomburg”

Poems of the Week – Raymond Carver

THREE POEMS BY RAYMOND CARVER   Woman Bathing Naches River. Just below the falls. Twenty miles from any town. A day of dense sunlight heavy with odors of love. How long have we? Already your body, sharpness of Picasso, is drying in this highland air. I towel down your back, your hips, with my undershirt.Continue reading “Poems of the Week – Raymond Carver”

Poems of the Week – Graham Foust

FOUR POEMS BY GRAHAM FOUST   1984 Look at the sky, go back inside. Cocaine makes its way to Wisconsin. The TV’s thick with burial, hilarious with seed, and while the moon, my mind, and the real world stay home, I will walk walk walk unkilled around a new year’s clumsy gallows. Anything’s impossible. I’mContinue reading “Poems of the Week – Graham Foust”

Allan Peterson on Blunderbuss

Allan has three poems up on Blunderbuss Magazine. Here is an excerpt from the first of those three…   Erasures First goes the faraway fashioned apparently of ivory in this light all the leaves of olive some large obscuring breath against a glass basalt and granite hardening to pencils […]

Carrie Oeding featured in the Denver Quarterly

Here is a wonderful poem by Carrie Oeding that was featured in a recent issue of the Denver Quarterly.   Inside a Map of Arnold Schwarzeneggar’s Arm   I map my arm as if it can be a map, too. I want to see my arm inside of his, to arm wrestle for territory withContinue reading “Carrie Oeding featured in the Denver Quarterly”

Carrie Oeding on Connotation Press

Carrie has a few new poems up over at Connotation Press…   The Roped Years     After the age of disconnection came the age of connection. One couple tied each end of a three-foot rope around a wrist. They connected. They touched each other less. They touched each other more. They pretended not toContinue reading “Carrie Oeding on Connotation Press”