Allan Peterson on Blunderbuss

Allan has three poems up on Blunderbuss Magazine. Here is an excerpt from the first of those three…   Erasures First goes the faraway fashioned apparently of ivory in this light all the leaves of olive some large obscuring breath against a glass basalt and granite hardening to pencils […]

Poems of the Week – Katie Peterson

THREE POEMS BY KATIE PETERSON   Creation from Chaos In the great river gorges a misguided bird breaks the egg of the world unceremoniously, unclear whether eating or hatching is in order. The trees so full of gibbons no flying thing can nest. And the gibbons will not rest. Screechings accumulate like round peelings ofContinue reading “Poems of the Week – Katie Peterson”

Poems of the Week – Liam Rector

MORPHINE Liam Rector I see Eliot banking his way towards work in the underground tube, see his clothes, his hair, how it all suited him. A “subtle conformist,” Williams called him. He sees currency moving in utter stillness– I hear him saying It is not a problem to be solved and living with it. InContinue reading “Poems of the Week – Liam Rector”

Poem by Bill Rasmovicz at Barnstorm Literary Review

FLOTATION DEVICE / Bill Rasmovicz when I say body I mean buoy. By clouds, the television taste of saffron infused lobster mousse, pop stars lonely as fuck in the milky penthouse haze of their elevator-only access upside-down oubliettes. That real, yes. Real as consequence. Real as real consternation is a conflagration of the senses, beyondContinue reading “Poem by Bill Rasmovicz at Barnstorm Literary Review”

Second poem in Precarious, by Allan Peterson

REMINDERS Who speaks for the body? We do. Every eminence named, each fossa, eloquent structures of shining bones as if standing undone on a hill above Urbino, artists making bright lines in bright sun, bright language as the bones resurface after an interim of flesh. Ribs, phalanges, wings of the sphenoid, shapes named for whatContinue reading “Second poem in Precarious, by Allan Peterson”

Betsy Andrews, from New Jersey

Excerpt from New Jersey mining the savage electional hour the motorcade of monstrous mandate ferries the hard-coin incumbent from the site of the Battle of Paulus Hook to the site of the Battle of Red Bank logging the miles in a galling suit promising middling fortunes it’s a new entire, the castle rising, fugue stateContinue reading “Betsy Andrews, from New Jersey”

Allan Peterson, from Fragile Acts

OUT OF THE WHOLE AZALEA Out of the whole azalea, one brand quivers and there is the lizard. Blue jays scream rat snake for everyone because tree bark moved. I am watching for sand wasps hunting for females when a leaf on its elbow lies down, and a snake in the form of a littleContinue reading “Allan Peterson, from Fragile Acts”

Our forthcoming books

Excerpts from our two forthcoming books, The Bottom by Betsy Andrews and Precarious by Allan Peterson, to be released this fall: BETSY ANDREWS from The Bottom the channel is a working-class stiff: bouys and ragged Confederate flags, a coveline of crosses on cliffs; “Look what they built us,” the pelicans think, concrete piers and signalContinue reading “Our forthcoming books”

Poems of the Week – Alissa Valles

THREE POEMS BY ALISSA VALLES   In the North (Westerbork) Winter came and went, spreading its iron grain; the earth the color of ash, trees the color of bone. In an interval between wars, spring and summer passed, color advertisements for another country. At a place where trains departed every Tuesday a stick probes theContinue reading “Poems of the Week – Alissa Valles”

Poems of the Week – Christopher DeWeese

THREE POEMS BY CHRISTOPHER DEWEESE   The Wizard Where is my wand? The snow is getting thick and I want a dome to live in. Tricillian, I mean it when I tell you all of this is evidence. I mean it when I forget to mention the evidence is against you. I am sitting inContinue reading “Poems of the Week – Christopher DeWeese”