News The 42 Miles Press Poetry Award

Updated: Finalists & Semi-Finalists for the 2022 42 Miles Press Poetry Award

We would like to say Thank You! to everyone who submitted a manuscript this year. The winner will be announced in the next few days. Here are the finalists and semi-finalists. Asterisked names indicate finalists.

*Elly Bookman / Love Sick Century

*Adam Day / Whip the Sea

Hadley Austin / Feral

*Adam Lefevre / The World is Full of Gods

Martha Webster / Off Gunshot Lake

Will Schutt / Impressions of a Person

Jennifer Flescher / You Will Not Be In My Obituary

*Seth Simmons / The Brink

*Megan Merchant / Self-Portrait as a Dream of Picasso

Gary Fincke / For Now, We Have Been Spared

*Angela Sorby / Reading Trouble

*Ken Fifer / As I Seem I Am

*Michelle Franke / How to Disappear in America

Kevin Clark / Want

Craig Cotter / I Need to Dream About You

Scott Withiam / Waste Management Facility

Tracy Zeman / Interglacial

Nicole Santalucia / & Nothing But the Fruit

*Wes Civilz / Oops, Sorry I

Paul Nelson / Just Breathing

Harry Harper / All is a Hand & our Hands are Missing

Emily Hockaday / Blood Music

James Shea / Almost Still Now

*Carolyn Guinzio / Reunite the Beatles

*Kevin McIlvoy / What a Dancer Knows

Eric Fisher Stone / Bear Lexicon

Daniel Biegelson / Don’t Kick the Time Machine

*Suzanne Wise / The Calling

Bill Rasmovicz / Distanced from Melody

*Jeff Mock / Pier Thirteen

Nancy Keating / Grammars

*Zachary Lundgren / Turkey Vulture

David Petruzelli / The Next Life

Julie Choffel / Dear Wallace

*Natalie Solmer / I Am a Great Lake

Fay Dillof / Some Animal

Eric Burger / Dark Picnic

Dorothy Neagle / Imagine a Woman

Jennifer Moss / We Called the Game “The Dying Lady”

Linda Dove / Coin

Mark Kraushaar / What if the Hokey Pokey Really Is What It’s All About

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