News The 42 Miles Press Poetry Award

Announcing the Winner and Runners-Up of the 2012 42 Miles Press Poetry Contest

Bill Rasmovicz, of Brooklyn, New York, has won the 42 Miles Press Poetry Award for his manuscript, Gross Ardor. The award includes a $1,000 prize and publication by 42 Miles Press, as well as a future reading at Indiana University South Bend upon publication. His work has appeared in such places as Gulf Coast, Caffeine Destiny and At Large.

A snapshot from Gross Ardor:

We were landslides to each other.
There was no time for connoisseurship.
The dusky seaside sparrow was no longer, and so often
we pulled over to pupate from this vista or that.

Evening your favorite color, I kept imagining
the ceiling painted gold, while the beach we fetishized
was a pile of hot sawdust.
Strictly for the sun’s burn did we reside.
You were the animal they warned you about.

–from “Chanterelles”

We anticipate publication in fall 2013.

The runners-up, finalists, and semi-finalists list for the 2012 42 Miles Press Poetry Prize:

*Bolden, Emma – “Malificae” (fourth runner up)
Boyer, Sarah Wells – “Of Zebras”
Greenway, William – “Tripwires”
Gottshall, Karin – “Blue Satellite”
*Hamm, Christine – “Some are Horses”
Hanson, Danielle – “The Weighted Center of Fruit Gravity”
*Hardy, Myronn – “Graze for the Captain”
Kramer, Ashley – “Museum of Distance”
*Langan, Steve – “What It Looks Like, How It Flies”
*Gregory Lawless-“Dreamburgh, Pennsylvania” (second runner up)
*Leader, Mary – “The Distaff Side” (third runner up)
Ludwin, Deanna Kern – “Flirting with Salvation”
Mackenzie, Ginny – “The End of Names”
Malone, Erin – “Hover”
*McDowell, Gary L. – “Mysteries in a World that Thinks There are None”
Mitchell-Foust, Michelle – “The Bullfight”
Moss, Jennifer – “A Goat from a Distance”
Neumire, Bill – “Estrus”
Olsen, Jason – “Fire Engine Descending a Staircase”
*Peterson, Allan – “Precarious” (first runner up (tie))
Quade, Mary – “Local Extinctions”
*Rasmovicz, Bill – “Gross Ardor” (winner)
Rasso, Pamela – “The Flickering Locomotive”
Rzicznek, F. Daniel – “Demon”
Steven Schroeder – “The Royal Nonesuch”
Skeen, Tim – “Foreclosure”
Triedman, Kim – “Hadestown”
Bunkong Tuon – “Under the Tamarind Tree”
Ungar, Barbara Louise – “Reading Rumi to Dolphins”
*Winrock, Cori – “This Coalition of Bones”
*Wisniewski, Mark – “Maybe Just Maybe” (first runner up (tie))


The rest are semi-finalists

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