News The 42 Miles Press Poetry Award

Announcing Finalists for the 2012 42 Miles Press Poetry Award

Here is the list of both finalists and semi-finalists for this year’s 42 Miles Press Poetry Award.

Keep in touch here for further updates. This list will be updated to distinguish between finalists and semi-finalists around July 1.

We also expect to announce the winner of the Contest before July 4.

2012 Finalists:
Bolden, Emma – “Malificae”
Boyer, Sarah Wells – “Of Zebras”
Greenway, William – “Tripwires”
Gottshall, Karin – “Blue Satellite”
Hamm, Christine – “Some are Horses”
Hanson, Danielle – “The Weighted Center of Fruit Gravity”
Hardy, Myronn – “Graze for the Captain”
Kramer, Ashley – “Museum of Distance”
Langan, Steve – “What It Looks Like, How It Flies”
Gregory Lawless-“Dreamburgh, Pennsylvania”
Leader, Mary – “The Distaff Side”
Ludwin, Deanna Kern – “Flirting with Salvation”
Mackenzie, Ginny – “The End of Names”
Malone, Erin – “Hover”
McDowell, Gary L. – “Mysteries in a World that Thinks There are None”
Mitchell-Foust, Michelle – “The Bullfight”
Moss, Jennifer – “A Goat from a Distance”
Neumire, Bill – “Estrus”
Olsen, Jason – “Fire Engine Descending a Staircase”
Peterson, Allan – “Precarious”
Quade, Mary – “Local Extinctions”
Rasmovicz, Bill – “Gross Ardor”
Rasso, Pamela – “The Flickering Locomotive”
Rzicznek, F. Daniel – “Demon”
Steven Schroeder – “The Royal Nonesuch”
Skeen, Tim – “Foreclosure”
Triedman, Kim – “Hadestown”
Bunkong Tuon – “Under the Tamarind Tree”
Ungar, Barbara Louise – “Reading Rumi to Dolphins”
Winrock, Cori – “This Coalition of Bones”
Wisniewski, Mark – “Maybe Just Maybe”

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