News The 42 Miles Press Poetry Award

Finalists for the 2011 42 Miles Press Poetry Contest

Here is the list of semi-finalists and finalists for the 2011 Contest:

Laurel Bastian – Rapacity
Erica Bernheim – The Mimic Sea
Christopher Bursk – Happiness Anonymous
Joshua Corey – The Nature Theater of Oklahoma: A Singspiel
Todd Fredson – The Crucifix-Blocks
Stuart Friebert – Floating Heart
Henrietta Goodman – Hungry Moon
Erin Malone – Hover
Frank Montesonti – Quick Study in Unhappiness
Mary Quade – Local Extinctions
Kirk Robinson – The Classics, and Other Close Calls
Tim Skeen – Six Coefficients of Friction
Emily Toder – The Actualities Came to Visit Me
Cori A. Winrock – Anti-Portrait at Flashback

Rebecca Aronson – Understory
Judith Azrael – Twelve Black Horses
Ansie Baird – Strategies for an Enclosed Space
Tina Barr – Kaleidoscope
Anne Caston – The Empress of Longing
Dion N. Farquhar – Wonderful Terrible
Mary Flanagan – The Myth of Continents
Les Gottesman – Just Ask and Other Poems
William Greenway – Self-Deliverance
John Wesley Horton – A New World Where We Could Stand To Live
Amy King – The Biennale Book
Donald Levering – The Dog of the Apocalypse
M. Loncar – but i’m not a dick (i’m a reporter)
Richard Lyons – Living Time
Amy McNamara – the new head chronometrist
Eric Rawson – Dead-End Bridge
Cedric Tillman – Lily in the Valley
Cody Todd – Portraits and Motion
Sasha West – The Immaculate Conception of Loneliness

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