G’evenin’, South Bend & beyond! It’s 1:41 AM on the first day of October. Here are three poems and a picture of an adult beverage…  (Photo by: Chad Forbregd)  GOOD NEWS BAD NEWS By Bruce Taylor Nothing’s what it used or ought to be: always too much of this, never enough of that, only aContinue reading “THREE POEMS TO READ AT 1:41 AM”


G’mornin’. It’s 6:53 AM on the first day of autumn. Here are three poems and a picture of a dog… (Photo by: Madison Blue) A MAN ON THE SUBWAY  By Anele Rubin A man on the subway is wearing a t-shirt with New York City Mental Institute stenciled on the front. For a moment IContinue reading “THREE POEMS TO READ AT 6:53 AM”

Poem of the Week – Lizzie Harris

There’s Grass Somewhere, But I Don’t Know How to Find It And if I’m wrong, what blue pulse would darken? For years I went not knowing why I spoke to water, why my fork stitched lace over every plate. What thing did you water to make me love like a socket? I do knit bricksContinue reading “Poem of the Week – Lizzie Harris”

Labor Day (Louise Gluck)

Requiring something lovely on his arm Took me to Stamford, Connecticut, a quasi-farm, His family’s; later picking up the mammoth Girlfriend of Charlie, meanwhile trying to pawn me off On some third guy also up for the weekend. But Saturday we still were paired; spent It sprawled across that sprawling acreage Until the grass grewContinue reading “Labor Day (Louise Gluck)”