Poems of the Week – Bill Rasmovicz

THREE POEMS BY BILL RASMOVICZ THE EVIDENCE The air choked with cottonwood dander and tranquilizer blue. From the crevice of a rock wall, a fist of wildflowers sucker-punching the nothing. People toting cameras and beers equaling some inebriated form of truth-equals-beauty. In the broken cathedral a windowless window frames the notion that what’s gone isContinue reading “Poems of the Week – Bill Rasmovicz”

Bill Rasmovicz’s Gross Ardor out now!

Winner of the 42 Miles Press Poetry Award, Bill Rasmovicz’s second full-length book of poems, Gross Ardor, focuses on a faith in the alchemy of the imagination. The book is post-apocalyptic in tone, but its incantatory rhythms and perceptual particularities, as they unfold line by line, create a continuously vibrant sense of the phenomenological, theContinue reading “Bill Rasmovicz’s Gross Ardor out now!”