Poem by Bill Rasmovicz at Barnstorm Literary Review

FLOTATION DEVICE / Bill Rasmovicz when I say body I mean buoy. By clouds, the television taste of saffron infused lobster mousse, pop stars lonely as fuck in the milky penthouse haze of their elevator-only access upside-down oubliettes. That real, yes. Real as consequence. Real as real consternation is a conflagration of the senses, beyondContinue reading “Poem by Bill Rasmovicz at Barnstorm Literary Review”

Bill Rasmovicz reading at IUSB

42 Miles Press author Bill Rasmovicz will be reading poems from his latest book Gross Ardor as part of the Indiana University South Bend English Department Fall Event Series on Thursday, October 17th, at 7:30pm. The reading will be on the Weikamp 3rd floor bridge. “Perhaps Gross Ardor is what happens in a world bentContinue reading “Bill Rasmovicz reading at IUSB”