42 Miles Press Poetry Award

It’s been a lot of work getting up to this point, but we’re so excited to finally have the 42 Miles Press Poetry Award open for submission — Deadline: March 15th.

Working with Submittable has been a fantastic new experience for us and we look forward to the bump in efficiency because of it.

Submit here: https://42miles.submittable.com/submit

A detailed explanation can be found in the “Submissions” tab, or: https://42milespress.com/contest/

We can’t wait to get into this year’s manuscripts.

Heather Quinn, Featured Poet


Heather Quinn is a poet living in San Francisco and is drawn equally to life’s light and shadows. She is awed by that unnamable and indestructible force that burns brighter than shame. She loves the act of layering memory, imagination, images, the visceral and spiritual into her work, and often thinks of writing as collage-making. She has been published in Burning House Press, Ghost City Review, Minnesota Review, Zoetic Press’ Nonbinary Review, Prometheus Dreaming, Raw Art Review, West Marin Review, among others. She is a founding member of a peer-led poetry workshop, which has been meeting regularly since 2002. She spends her free time mining for words that are so alive they beat in time with her pulse, then whispering them into her husband’s ear.

Digital Submissions

We’ve got a big announcement!

42 Miles Press is finally moving to digital submissions.

We’re in the process of building our Submittable page now and we hope to have it up and running this fall, prior to the 42 Miles Press Poetry Award submission period that begins December 1st.

Also, keep your eyes peeled for the several books we have on the horizon, including William Stobbs’ You Are Still Alive, which should be available at the beginning of October.