2020 42 Miles Press Poetry Award Finalists

We would like to say THANK YOU to everyone that submitted a manuscript this year. The winner will be announced soon. The pandemic has interrupted the usual flow of the process, so thank you for your patience while we decide on the winning manuscript.

These are the poets/manuscripts that made it to the final round of decisioning, listed in no particular order:

Peep / Danielle Blau

Future Symptoms / A. Molotkov

Ghosts of the Permian Seas / Danielle Dubrasky

Tracey Emin’s Tent / Jake Bauer

Bees in the Fire / Fay Dillof

Still Life with White / Holly Karapetkova

Freak Lip: an Epistolary / Julia Cohen

Into The The / Robin Reagler

Pair Trawl and Dredge / David Moody

Ticker / Mark Neely

If You Don’t Want to Bring the Body Into This / Donna Spruiit-Metz

green / Audrey Colasanti

Philomel, Whose Reputation Precedes Her / Ashley Danielle Ryle

Man Versus Bird / Paul-Victor Winters

Estuary / Jeremy Voigt

My National Anthem is an Elegy / Andrew Cox

Turkey Vulture / Zachary Lundgren

A Day at the Gene Pool / Jaimee Kuperman

How will the robots kill themselves / Jason Morphew

And the World Doesn’t End with Ashes and Flames but with Lack / Jade Ramsey

Flowers as Mind Control / Laura Minor

Swiitch / Freesia McKee

Last Night I Aged a Hundred Years / Peter Grandbois

Last Known Address / Jane Medved

The Dream Protects the Dreamer / Ryan Teitman

Arrangements in a System of Pointing / Matt McBride

Everything is Liquid / Sharon White

Portable City / Karen Kovacik

Oops Sorry I / Wes Civilz

The Pocket Oracle / Sharon Dolin

The Great Outdoors / Joshua Corey

Means to be Lucky / Annie Kantar

Empty Book / Emma Winsor Wood

Preferred Internal Landscape / Emma Winsor Wood

The Johnson Poems Heart Attack Geological Survey / John Whalen

Liam Powell / No Action Alternative

Gestures / Joshua Boettiger



Timeline Update

Just an FYI here.

We will be posting a list of finalists (quite a long list) within a week. Yes, we are behind, as our staffing resources and resources in general have gone POOF. But we persevere. Lots of good work submitted this year. Further, a very few emails, as the pandemic flowed into our land, have gone unanswered (I’ve discovered). And for that I apologize. So hang in there with us. I expect to do the rigorous work of reading multiple times the finalists. It will take as long as it takes, but I am hoping we will have a winner within the month. Thank you for your patience.

Manuscript Reading Update

Continuing to read manuscripts, which are better overall than in any previous year.

We, in the past, have made announcements in July, but we are figuring this year’s announcement of finalists will come in middle to late August, with the winner announced quickly thereafter.

Thank you for your patience.


Stobb’s You Are Still Alive, Reviewed

From a marvelous review by Emily Wolahan of William Stobb’s You are Still Alive (published by 42 Miles Press) just out in Colorado Review: “Science fiction is important to this collection as a catalyst for considering the “infinite abyss,” only rather than outer space it is the interior that is explored. In “Doom,” the poem jumps from Strauss’s Zarathustra to the video game Doom to a frank and dark conversation with a friend—then Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, then Victor Von Doom.”

Check it out and buy the book!

Full Review: https://coloradoreview.colostate.edu/reviews/you-are-still-alive/

42 Miles Press Poetry Award

It’s been a lot of work getting up to this point, but we’re so excited to finally have the 42 Miles Press Poetry Award open for submission — Deadline: March 15th.

Working with Submittable has been a fantastic new experience for us and we look forward to the bump in efficiency because of it.

Submit here: https://42miles.submittable.com/submit

A detailed explanation can be found in the “Submissions” tab, or: https://42milespress.com/contest/

We can’t wait to get into this year’s manuscripts.

Heather Quinn, Featured Poet


Heather Quinn is a poet living in San Francisco and is drawn equally to life’s light and shadows. She is awed by that unnamable and indestructible force that burns brighter than shame. She loves the act of layering memory, imagination, images, the visceral and spiritual into her work, and often thinks of writing as collage-making. She has been published in Burning House Press, Ghost City Review, Minnesota Review, Zoetic Press’ Nonbinary Review, Prometheus Dreaming, Raw Art Review, West Marin Review, among others. She is a founding member of a peer-led poetry workshop, which has been meeting regularly since 2002. She spends her free time mining for words that are so alive they beat in time with her pulse, then whispering them into her husband’s ear.