This should be my favorite part, right? It’s the celebration. That’s probably why we do this in July. You know, it’s like I always say, “Fireworks and freedom are nice. But nothing says ‘Sensational Summer in the Midwest’ quite like surrounding yourself with poetry manuscripts, heat, humidity, failing technology, a little bit of cat hairContinue reading “JUNE TURNED TO JULY W/ A BANG”

Finalists (winner announced on July 2)

Requiem with an Amulet In Its Beak / Elizabeth Knapp You are Still Alive / William Stobb We Uncertain Animals / Elizabeth Onusko Rue / Daniel Lusk Wonders of the Invisible World / Claire Bateman Triage / Dennis Hinrichsen Vesuvius After Dark / Johnny Horton Biscuits / Lesle Lewis We Make Too Much of ThingsContinue reading “Finalists (winner announced on July 2)”

An Affective Singularity (Nate Pritts)

GUEST POST EXCERPT: http://www.writersdigest.com/whats-new/an-affective-singularity Today’s guest post, an affective singularity, comes from Nate Pritts, who shared why he writes poetry back in July. An Affective Singularity We live in a time of conspicuous destruction. Material creation, the biological sphere, spiritual reality – each of these realms are being dragged apart resulting in a fractured worldContinue reading “An Affective Singularity (Nate Pritts)”


42 Miles Press Poetry Award Judge: David Dodd Lee, Series Editor The 42 Miles Press Poetry Award was created in an effort to bring fresh and original voices to the poetry reading public. The prize is offered annually to any poet writing in English, including poets who have never published a full-length book as wellContinue reading “CONTEST SEASON”

‘Decoherence’ was Reviewed by PW

Nate Pritt’s Decoherence was reviewed by Poets & Writer’s this week. Excerpt from the review: “In his cerebral eighth collection, Pritts (Post Human) cycles through the many metaphorical connotations of light, investigating each at close range, and laments the ephemerality of experience…” To read the rest of the review click here.

What’s new around the office?

What’s new around the office this fine Saturday morning? A bottle of Dasani, a bag of Harvest Cheddar SunChips (both from the 1st-floor vending machine)… oh, and what’s this? Nate Pritt’s Decoherence has arrived. Let the pre-order madness begin.

Announcing the Winner and Finalists and Semi-Finalists of the 2017 42 Miles Press Poetry Award

As usual, there were many powerful manuscripts to choose from this year, but we are delighted to announce that Mary Ann Samyn has won the 2017 42 Miles Press Poetry Award for her manuscript, Air, Light, Dust, Shadow, Distance. The award includes a $1,000 prize in addition to the publication of her book by 42Continue reading “Announcing the Winner and Finalists and Semi-Finalists of the 2017 42 Miles Press Poetry Award”