Publication Schedule Update

Hello everyone! We were not immune to scheduling delays due to the pandemic. In order to provide transparency on our publication schedule, we are able to share the following dates and times:

Bryce Berkowitz | Bermuda Ferris Wheel2019 AwardEnd of Spring, 2022
Jake Bauer | Tracy Emin’s Tent2020 AwardSept. 1, 2022
Jennifer Boyden | We Can’t Tell if the Constellations Still Love Us2021 Award2023
Claire Bateman | Wonders of the Invisible WorldEditor’s Choice2023
Joe Bolton | Title TBDEditor’s Choice2023-24
TBD2022 Award2024
These dates are our best estimations and may fluctuate slightly.

If you have any questions or concerns, please direct them here. Thank you!

~ The Editors

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