Carrie Oeding on Connotation Press

Carrie has a few new poems up over at Connotation Press…   The Roped Years     After the age of disconnection came the age of connection. One couple tied each end of a three-foot rope around a wrist. They connected. They touched each other less. They touched each other more. They pretended not toContinue reading “Carrie Oeding on Connotation Press”

Poems of the Week – Jonathan Johnson

THREE POEMS BY JONATHAN JOHNSON   Thirty Give me a moment, sun gone to shapeless cloud at evening and wall of trees where field is done and the unspeakable questions begin, birch, oak, beech, poplar, hemlock, black bark spruce, fence of wrought iron companions and stone block corners, stone, grass, leaves, and tear the momentContinue reading “Poems of the Week – Jonathan Johnson”