Poems of the Week – Noah Eli Gordon

THREE POEMS BY NOAH ELI GORDON   A point of view apart from a personal embrace watching the unfolding of an envelope a red thread from a felt purse landscape pulled in increments or another anchor to architecture love to the voice-over of someone older if this desire for narrative outweighed our willingness to concedeContinue reading “Poems of the Week – Noah Eli Gordon”

A review of The Mimic Sea on THEthe Poetry Blog

Levi Rubeck has posted a review of Erica’s The Mimic Sea over on THEthe Poetry Blog. Here is an excerpt: “The Mimic Sea is primarily constructed of things you think you have seen, shades, echoes, etc. You are left at the pit of the world, a gaping expanse at one side and the whole ofContinue reading “A review of The Mimic Sea on THEthe Poetry Blog”

Poems of the Week – Erica Bernheim

THREE POEMS BY ERICA BERNHEIM   Chicago Day Lily Left alone and watered less, it flowers into the nightmare tarnished dreams I predicted would come for me next. Tender me your loose change. Afford me purchase of your maps. To grasp the centermost spectacular of the lily is to think of the possible, that thisContinue reading “Poems of the Week – Erica Bernheim”