Christine Garren’s Chapbook is Now Available at 42 Miles Press

Christine Garren’s chapbook, The Difficult Here, is now available at 42 Miles Press. Cost: $12.00 If you are interested in purchasing a copy, please write a check to Indiana University. If you have any questions about making a purchase, please contact McKenzie Tozan at * A View into The Difficult Here: The Lamp itContinue reading “Christine Garren’s Chapbook is Now Available at 42 Miles Press”

2011 42 Miles Press Poetry Contest

42 Miles Press Poetry Prize Guidelines Judge: David Dodd Lee, Series Editor The 42 Miles Press Poetry Award is being created in an effort to bring fresh and original voices to the poetry reading public. The prize will be offered annually to any poet writing in English, including poets who have never published a fullContinue reading “2011 42 Miles Press Poetry Contest”

Announcing the Winner of the 2010 42 Miles Press Poetry Award

Carrie Oeding, of Houston, Texas, has won the 42 Miles Press Poetry Award for her manuscript, Our List of Solutions. The award includes a $1,000 dollar prize and publication by 42 Miles Press. Her work has appeared in the Best New Poets, 2005 anthology and several journals including DIAGRAM, Colorado Review, 32 Poems, Mid-American Review,Continue reading “Announcing the Winner of the 2010 42 Miles Press Poetry Award”

Wolfson Contest Finalists

*Finalists *Ansie Baird,  Strategies for an Enclosed Space Rebecca Aronson,  Afterglow *Peter Jay Shippy,  Unearthlings *Carrie Oeding,  Our List of Solutions Donald Levering,  Algonquins Planted Salmon *Henrietta Goodman,  Hungry Moon Gail Newman,  One World Jennifer Barber,  Given Away Sharon Chmielarz,  In This Clockless Time *m loncar, “but i’m not a dick (i’m a reporter)” *AmyContinue reading “Wolfson Contest Finalists”

A New Chapbook from Christine Garren

A new chapbook of poems, written since Garren’s The Piercing appeared in 2006, will be published by 42 Miles Press in late summer/fall, 2010. Here is a sample, a poem that originally appeared in Poetry: The Water they fetched the water and then when they reached the house, it was useless fecal and chemical– milesContinue reading “A New Chapbook from Christine Garren”