The 42 Miles Press Poetry Award

Announcing Finalists and Semi-Finalists for the 2013 42 Miles Press Poetry Award

Here is the list of finalists and semi-finalists for this year’s 42 Miles Press Poetry Award.

We expect to announce the runners-up and winner of the contest by July 10. Please check back for updates.

The finalists and semi-finalists for the 2013 42 Miles Press Poetry Award:
*Akant, Sara Deniz – “Parades”
Arnold, Martin – “Earthquake Owner’s Manual”
*Andrews, Betsy – “The Bottom”
Berlin, Monica & Marzoni, Beth – “Dear So & So”
*Bonnell, Paula – “Amanrath”
*Burwick, Kimberly – Good Night Brother
Capozzi, James – “Lux Mundi”
Childers, Jodie – Recursive City
*Cisper, Mary – “Squinting like Star-Eyed Grass in a Havoc Field”
Cox, Mark – “Sorrow Bread”
Farquhar, Jessica – “Through a Tunnel You Are Leaving”
Greenway, William – “The Accidental Garden”
Hanson, Danielle – “The Weighted Center of Fruit Gravity”
Harlow, Morgan – “While Machines Lie Idle in the Fields”
Henning, Sara – “A Sweeter Water”
*Kaplan, Dan – “instant killer wig”
*Kuperman, Jaimee – “A Day at the Gene Pool”
Montesano, Keith – “Smoke Rose”
Murphy, Peter E. – “Anonymous Fever”
*Nelson, Sierra – “The Lachrymose Report”
*Nilssen, Athena – “Mithraeum”
Pelletier, Ann – “Strange Invention”
Perchan, Robert – “An Old Man Now”
*Pugh, Megan – “Whipsaw”
*Robbins, Richard – “Moving the Dead River West”
*Salerno, Christopher – “ATM”
Shankar, Ravi – “What Else Could it Be”
Thomas, Susan – “Runaway Bay”
*Wisnieski, Mark – “These Were My Lovers”


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