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42 Miles Press Poetry Award, 2019 Finalists

1 Jul

We would like to say THANK YOU to everyone that submitted a manuscript this year.

These are the poets/manuscripts that made it to the final round of decisioning, listed in no particular order:

Leigh Ann Couch, I Am Bird and I Am Dirt

Glenn Freeman, Drinking with O’Hara

Fay Dillof, Tips for Observing Mammals in the Wild

Joanna Fuhrman, The Bad Witness

Robert Murdock, Mutated Manlike

Bryce Berkowitz, Bermuda Ferris Wheel

Daniel Lechay, Easy for a Cat

Diane Martin, Tongue & Groove

Elizabeth Onusko, Early Indigo

Joseph Goosey, Parade of Malfeasance


Robert Cooperman, REEFER MADNESS

Peter Grandbois, Everything Has Become Birds

Maxine Scates, The Fates

Richard Terrill, What Falls Away Is Always

Karina Browicz, Rosetta

Daniel Biegelson, praisedbethelightofyourmechanics

Gregory Lawless, Introduction to Literature

Ann Keniston, somatic

Vincent Zompa, Asteroid Mambo

Steven Cramer, LISTEN

Robert Evory, Botnet

Henrietta Goodman, Flicker Noise

Susan Bruce, Illuminated Exit

Brad Johnson, Smuggling Elephants Through Airport Security

James Proffitt, A Purposeful Gait

Gary McDowell, Aflame

William H. Greenway, Everything


Stay Tuned! 2019 Finalist Announcement Coming.

20 Jun

We’re getting there!

July 1st we will be announcing the authors/manuscripts that reached the final round of decisioning.

We hope to have a winner chosen and ready to announce by the middle of July!

It’s been such an exciting process, so thank you to everyone that submitted to the 42 Miles Press Poetry Award this year.

Peek Inside Mary Ann Samyn’s Latest. It is now available on Amazon and at SPD.

17 Aug



Additional titles by Mary Ann Samyn can be found here.

For more information on the 42 Miles Press Poetry Award please visit our submissions page. If you have questions, comments, concerns, or would like to request a review copy please e-mail 42 Miles directly. Additional releases from 42 Miles Press can be found at SPD.

Wonders of the Invisible World

7 Aug
Announcement: We will be publishing, as a joint venture between 42 Miles Press and Wolfson Press, Claire Bateman’s book of poems Wonders of the Invisible World!
We are very excited. More to come. Congratulations Claire!


2 Jul

Ah, yes… how about a poem from William Stobb‘s manuscript You Are Still Alive which, as of about fifteen minutes ago, has won the (2018) 42 Miles Press Poetry Award. The award includes a $1,000 prize in addition to the publication of his book by 42 Miles Press in September 2019.

(*What?! You can’t read tiny poems even if they’re 1.5 pages of unadulterated joy? Click the image for a larger image.)

Check back later tonight for more Stobb praise and celebratory fanfare.

Want the quick and dirty? Get to know our family tree:

Christine Garren, The Difficult Here (Limited release chapbook)
Carrie Oeding, Our List of Solutions (2010 winner)
Erica Bernheim, The Mimic Sea (2011 winner)
Bill Rasmovicz, Gross Ardor (2012 winner)
Betsy Andrews, The Bottom (2013 winner)
Allan Peterson, Precarious (Editor’s Choice)
Tracey Knapp, Mouth (2014 winner)
Kimberly Lambright, Ultra-Cabin (2015 winner)
Nate Pritts, Decoherence (2016 winner)
Mary Ann Samyn, Air, Light, Dust, Shadow, Distance (2017 winner)
William Stobb, You Are Still Alive (2018 winner)

A sneak-peek of ALL (most) our 42 Miles Press titles can be found on SPD or by searching Amazon.

Mary Ann Samyn’s Air, Light, Dust, Shadow, Distance (winner of the 2017 Poetry Award) will be available on Amazon and SPD this fall.

What can I say? We’re in Indiana. We like images, we like language. We like it real and surreal and unreal. For more information on the 42 Miles Press Poetry Award please visit our contest and submissions page. If you have questions, comments, concerns, or would like to request a review copy of one of our titles please e-mail 42 Miles directly at


2 Jul

This should be my favorite part, right? It’s the celebration. That’s probably why we do this in July.

You know, it’s like I always say, “Fireworks and freedom are nice. But nothing says ‘Sensational Summer in the Midwest’ quite like surrounding yourself with poetry manuscripts, heat, humidity, failing technology, a little bit of cat hair on your t-shirt, and the temptation to announce that ‘all the finalists are winners’. In this version of our future, we spend the rest of our winters churing out generic announcement copy and never quite learning how to do anything on Amazon the right way.

We have been a small press (if defined by laborers) for the last five or six years and you’d think I would have gotten used to this… my procratination turning into actual fear… his indecisiveness turning to urgency and complete commitment. Followed, of course, by a series of e-mails where I string this process along for just another day or a few more moments. You see, once the selection has been made the pressure is suddenly on me to make the announcement.

Think about it… I just suggested that I thought all our finalists were worth publishing and now you want me to publish a post celebrating their achievement?! I don’t ever want to be the reason someone doesn’t give one of our author’s works a shot… I am partially joking, partially exposing myself for how insecure and foolish I am, but I am mostly trying to say that this position is an honor. Typing this post is an honor and an opportunity that I value. Thank you for supporting us. Thank you for buying our authors books or submitting to our contest. You might not be doing the Lord’s work, but you’re helping us keep captivating and compelling poetry in the hands of those who not only want it but NEED it.

I usually begin posts like this by saying something like, “Our decision was anything but easy…” No matter how cliche or unoriginal those words might be this year’s contest might have been the hardest to call yet. The 42 Miles Press family would like to welcome their newest member to the family. And while you shouldn’t expect an updated family portrait in this year’s Christmas card… you can expect to see…

[Dramatic pause.]

William Stobb has won the (2018) 42 Miles Press Poetry Award for his manuscript You Are Still Alive. The award includes a $1,000 prize in addition to the publication of his book by 42 Miles Press in September 2019. William will depart from Little Falls, Minnesota and will be invited to give a reading (and raise an appropriate amount of literary hell) in South Bend Indiana. The reading will be co-presented by Indiana University South Bend and will be an evening unlike any other. From Series Editor, David Dodd Lee (& the rest of the 42M crew), we’d like to say, welcome, feel free to make yourself at home.

William Stobb is a native of Little Falls, Minnesota, home of Charles Lindbergh and Frank Wachlarowicz, and birthplace of Louise Erdrich. Stobb has also lived in Grand Forks, Minneapolis, Denver, Reno, and now with his spouse and children in La Crosse, Wisconsin, just 200 miles downstream on the Mississippi River from where he was born. He has worked in radio stations and restaurants, sold pool tables, played saxophone in a swing ensemble, written a procedures manual for a public housing authority, and taught a variety of writing classes. Stobb’s previous poetry collections include the National Poetry Series selection, Nervous Systems (Penguin 2007), Pointless Channel (Goss 183, 2011), and For Better Night Vision (Black Rock Press 2000). He works on the editorial staff of Conduit, and on the faculty of the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse

To recycle some recycled copy… and polish it up a bit for reproduction: If you are unfamiliar with who we are, what we do, and how or why we do it… you’re not alone. Get to know us in person or via the google machine. 42 Miles Press is based at Indiana University in historic South Bend, Indiana. We publish books (and chapbooks) of poetry, including the winner of the annual 42 Miles Press Poetry Prize. Our yearly contest. Currently, we accept submissions through the 42 Miles Press Poetry Prize Contest. The annual reading period is Dec 1-March 1.

Mary Ann Samyn’s Air, Light, Dust, Shadow, Distance (Winner of the [2017] 42M Poetry Award) will be available on Amazon and SPD this fall.

Plan on having lunch plans.

2 Jul

‪Winner to be announced before noon in northern Indiana. ‬