The 42 Miles Press Poetry Award

Finalists, 2021 42 Miles Press Poetry Award

We would like to say THANK YOU to everyone that submitted a manuscript this year. The winner will be announced soon.

These are the poets/manuscripts that made it to the final round of decisioning, listed in no particular order:

Jennifer Boyden We Can’t Tell If the Constellations Love Us
Collin CallahanThunderbird Inn
James Shea Almost Still Now
Erin Malone Site of Disappearance
John Whalen The Johnson Poems Heart Attack Geological Survey
Suzanne WiseA Primer of Interference
Brian CliftonBeast-Headed
Anne de MarckenThe Hinterlands of Paris
Nick Admussen  The Weightless Rider Revealed
Ellen Kombiyil   Love as an Invasive Species
Dan Kaplan  2.4.18
David Moolten  The Moirologist
Julia CohenFreak Lip
V. Joshua AdamsPast Lives
Adam Scheffler Until I Wear Out
Mamie Morgan  Everyone I’ve Ever Danced with Is Dead
Arne Weingart Concentration
Sara BurnettSeed Celestial
Jeremy Voigt Estuary
Richard MullenVanished
Brian CliftonMuzzle
Michael Marberry Lineage
Graeme Bezanson High Ping
Valentina Gnup All Those Tennessees
Wes Civilz  Oops Sorry I
Emily WolahanBitter Bright
Joseph Goosey Climate Denial for Lovers
Charles Kell Ishmael Mask
Joshua ButtsBully Choreography

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