Finalists (winner announced on July 2)

Requiem with an Amulet In Its Beak / Elizabeth Knapp
You are Still Alive / William Stobb
We Uncertain Animals / Elizabeth Onusko
Rue / Daniel Lusk
Wonders of the Invisible World / Claire Bateman
Triage / Dennis Hinrichsen
Vesuvius After Dark / Johnny Horton
Biscuits / Lesle Lewis
We Make Too Much of Things / David Ebenbach
Empire / Tracy Zeman
Movable Orchard / Patty Crane
Honeygut / Melinda Wilson
Aflame / Gary McDowell
A Day at the Gene Pool / Jaimee Kuperman
Mirrorforms / Peter Kline
Savage Pageant / Jessica Q Stark
The Rules / Bill Neumire
The Dreams of Weapons / Melissa Ginsberg
Wish for an Oil Well / Rachel Peckham
Fabulous Beast / Sarah Kain Gutowski
Viejo Verde / Gustavo Perez Firmat
Maids / Abby Frucht
Here Over Here Over Here / Jacob Chapman
A Theory of What Just Happened / Laurie Blauner
Spell for the Daughter / Katie Berta

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