42 Miles Poetry Award Contest Finalists


*Ansie Baird,  Strategies for an Enclosed Space
Rebecca Aronson,  Afterglow
*Peter Jay Shippy,  Unearthlings
*Carrie Oeding,  Our List of Solutions
Donald Levering,  Algonquins Planted Salmon
*Henrietta Goodman,  Hungry Moon
Gail Newman,  One World
Jennifer Barber,  Given Away
Sharon Chmielarz,  In This Clockless Time
*m loncar, “but i’m not a dick (i’m a reporter)”
*Amy McNamara,  The New Head Chronometrist
*Katie Umans,  Flock Book
Barbara Louise Unger,  Charlotte Bronte, You Ruined My Life
*Todd Fredson,  The Crucifix-Blocks
*Mark Wisniewski,  Come August
*Allan Peterson,  Nothing That Simple
Carol Guess,  Rogue Agent Burlesque
*Nils Michals,  Chantepleure
Johnny Horton,  Theater of the Misheard
George Moore,  Children’s Drawings of the Universe
Amanda Reynolds,  Ghost City
Sarah Stern,  My Father’s Hat
Peter Klein,  House Hold
Lou Lipsitz,  If This World Falls Apart
Herman Beavers,  Omphalos
Andrew Gottlieb,  Ritual Leavings
Stephen Massimilla,  Almost a Second Thought
Mark Neeley,  Dogs of Indiana
Kyle Flak,  a tiny feeling that our house has legs
Elaine Terranova,  Ghost Wife
Kevin McKelvey,  Brute Ecology
Melissa Morphew,  Bluster
*Robert Grunst,  Orange, Lion, Train Wreck

winner announced on July 9

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