Christine Garren’s Chapbook is Now Available at 42 Miles Press

Christine Garren’s chapbook, The Difficult Here, is now available at 42 Miles Press.

Cost: $12.00

If you are interested in purchasing a copy, please write a check to Indiana University.

If you have any questions about making a purchase, please contact McKenzie Tozan at


A View into The Difficult Here:

The Lamp

it is midnight, but I have found the lamp

of the forest

left on, always left on – this waterfall – its surge – its white

wattage lights the hall of woods –

the rock’s moss – the stick paths – this lamp left on


what you once did – my missed one – come again –


the dark

2011 42 Miles Press Poetry Contest

42 Miles Press Poetry Prize Guidelines

Judge: David Dodd Lee, Series Editor

The 42 Miles Press Poetry Award is being created in an effort to bring fresh and original voices to the poetry reading public. The prize will be offered annually to any poet writing in English, including poets who have never published a full length book as well as poets who have published several. New and Selected collections of poems are also welcome.

The winning poet will receive $1,000 and publication of his or her book. The winner will also be invited to give a reading at Indiana University South Bend as part of the release of the book. The final selection will be made by the Series Editor. Current or former students or employees of Indiana University South Bend, as well as friends of the Series Editor, are not eligible for the prize.

There is a $25, non-refundable, entry fee, made payable to I.U. South Bend. There is no limit on the number of entries an author may submit. Simultaneous submissions are fine, in fact they are encouraged, just please withdraw your manuscript if it gets taken for publication elsewhere. Please include a SASE with each entry. Please include a self-addressed postage paid postcard if you desire confirmation of manuscript receipt. No manuscripts will be returned. Entries sent by e-mail or fax are not permitted; they will be disqualified. On your cover sheet include name, address, phone number, and e-mail. The manuscript should be paginated and include a table of contents and acknowledgments page.

Manuscripts will be accepted starting December 1, 2010, and the ending deadline will be March 1, 2011.

Manuscripts received prior to December 1, or postmarked after March 1, will be recycled and the entry fee returned. The winner will receive 50 copies of his or her book. With questions e-mail

Mail manuscripts to:

42 Miles Press Poetry Award
Indiana University South Bend
Department of English
1700 Mishawaka Avenue
P. O. Box 7111
South Bend, IN 46634-7111

Manuscripts submitted for the 42 Miles Press Poetry Award should exhibit an awareness of the contemporary “voice” in American poetry, an awareness of our moment in time as poets. We are excited to receive poetry that is experimental as well as work of a more formalist bent, as long as it reflects a complexity and sophistication of thought and language. Urgency, yes; melodrama, not so much. Winners will be announced via this website, as well as through the mail. We will also announce the winner in major magazines (Poets & Writers) and blogs, including this one. The winning book, and any others chosen from the pool of entries, will be published in 2012.

Announcing the Winner of the 2010 42 Miles Press Poetry Award

Carrie Oeding, of Houston, Texas, has won the 42 Miles Press Poetry Award for her manuscript, Our List of Solutions. The award includes a $1,000 dollar prize and publication by 42 Miles Press. Her work has appeared in the Best New Poets, 2005 anthology and several journals including DIAGRAM, Colorado Review, 32 Poems, Mid-American Review, Third Coast, Gulf Coast, Greensboro Review, Barn Owl Review, South Dakota Review, storySouth and Brevity: A Journal of Concise Literary Nonfiction. Brenda Hillman selected her poems for second place in The Poetry Center of Chicago’s 2009 Juried Reading Award. She earned her MFA from Eastern Washington University. She then held a post-doctoral Fellowship from Ohio University where she received her Ph.D. and was awarded the Claude Kantner Fellowship. Carrie currently teaches as a Houston Writing Fellow.

from Our List of Solutions:

“Someone come back and ask me to stay
so I can feel good about getting my tires rotated
and leave.”

Wolfson Contest Finalists


*Ansie Baird,  Strategies for an Enclosed Space
Rebecca Aronson,  Afterglow
*Peter Jay Shippy,  Unearthlings
*Carrie Oeding,  Our List of Solutions
Donald Levering,  Algonquins Planted Salmon
*Henrietta Goodman,  Hungry Moon
Gail Newman,  One World
Jennifer Barber,  Given Away
Sharon Chmielarz,  In This Clockless Time
*m loncar, “but i’m not a dick (i’m a reporter)”
*Amy McNamara,  The New Head Chronometrist
*Katie Umans,  Flock Book
Barbara Louise Unger,  Charlotte Bronte, You Ruined My Life
*Todd Fredson,  The Crucifix-Blocks
*Mark Wisniewski,  Come August
*Allan Peterson,  Nothing That Simple
Carol Guess,  Rogue Agent Burlesque
*Nils Michals,  Chantepleure
Johnny Horton,  Theater of the Misheard
George Moore,  Children’s Drawings of the Universe
Amanda Reynolds,  Ghost City
Sarah Stern,  My Father’s Hat
Peter Klein,  House Hold
Lou Lipsitz,  If This World Falls Apart
Herman Beavers,  Omphalos
Andrew Gottlieb,  Ritual Leavings
Stephen Massimilla,  Almost a Second Thought
Mark Neeley,  Dogs of Indiana
Kyle Flak,  a tiny feeling that our house has legs
Elaine Terranova,  Ghost Wife
Kevin McKelvey,  Brute Ecology
Melissa Morphew,  Bluster
*Robert Grunst,  Orange, Lion, Train Wreck

winner announced on July 9

A New Chapbook from Christine Garren

A new chapbook of poems, written since Garren’s The Piercing appeared in 2006, will be published by 42 Miles Press in late summer/fall, 2010. Here is a sample, a poem that originally appeared in Poetry:

The Water

they fetched the water

and then when they reached the house, it was useless

fecal and chemical–

miles they’d walked– a life

along a ridge on into the next country, to the covert waterfall–

had they been dreaming?

yes, they had been dreaming–

that was her favorite part– the dream part– all the sun and


and the poppies

by a church wall– the dream part

when the water gatherers were certain

they could ease their mother’s dying