Poems of the Week


On Yesterday’s Statue

The girl swam downstream
to the desert, found you
asleep as a spider.
One type of word
bled through
the undeclared
crawl, beautiful because.
Off in the jungle
a tickle of
arms became
the sound
of geese who
bathe close
to humans & look deep
into our eyes.
Magnetic Strips
When they brought
the pots & pans
you banged
out of your body
it took seven
humans to carry
what came out
of your throat.
I couldn’t drink
a fishbowl of
salt after that;
my mouth was
down the street
stuck shut.
Rock Erodes a Lifespan
Clouds take blue from could. Could be clouds are the rind of
a ripe sky.
An outside eye holds all lakes and oceans in one mirror.
*all from Undersleep, Octopus Books, 2008.

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