Kimberly Lambright


Kimberly Lambright is a poet and scholar living in Austin, Texas. She studied cultural theory at NYU and creative writing at Eastern Washington University. She’s a MacDowell Colony fellow and her poems have appeared in Columbia Poetry Review, ZYZZYVA, Sink Review, Bone Bouquet, The Boiler, Wicked Alice, and Big Bridge. Her first full-length collection of poems, Ultra-Cabin (2016), is the winner of the 2015 42 Miles Press Poetry Award.


 Ultra-Cabin is available at SPD and Amazon.

“Artful and wry, smart and moving—Kimberly Lambright’s poems are made of such carefully rendered moments that the mundane becomes very wonderfully strange. Ultra-Cabin is a book that will knock you out and invite you in, sometimes in the same brilliant breath.”—Kathryn Nuernberger

“I am stunned by Kimberly Lambright’s verbal acuity, its lightning shifts and sudden, diamond-like stillnesses. And there are images in this book that would wake Breton from the dead. Hats off to this uniquely adventurous and mature first volume.”—Christopher Howell

“In short but dense sisterpunk stabs, Lambright’s pink meat mind transmits an awareness of large spaces and an attention to specifics that, when taken together, gives the reader this perfect field guide for, in her words, “the way you interpret / the dark world happening to you.” The poems of Ultra-Cabin speak to us in a lexicon of friendship and shared weirdness that’s funny, familiar and, most of all, understanding. Kim’s poems see us for what we are, and still believe we can be beautiful.”—Ben Kopel

For more information on the 42 Miles Press Poetry Award please visit our contest and submissions page. If you have questions, comments, concerns, or would like to request a review copy of  Ultra-Cabin please e-mail 42 Miles directly at

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