Announcing Finalists for the 2015 42 Miles Press Poetry Award

24 Jun

We are pleased to announce this year’s finalists for the 42 Miles Press Poetry Award. We will be announcing the winner on July 1st.

2015 finalists (in no particular order):

Dore Kiesselbach
Kimberly Lambright
Angie Mazakis
Monica Berlin
Dan Kaplan
Lindsay Tigue
Jacqueline Berger
Abigail Zimmer
E. Giorgio
Berwyn Moore
Ashley Danielle Rye
Gary Fincke
Graeme Bezanson
Daniel Ross Biegelson
Deborah Schwartz
Steve Karl
David Pickering
Colin Dodds
Jared Harel
Rachel Webster
Marc Harshman
Joanna Lin want

Death is nature’s way…

16 May


FRANZ WRIGHT (March 18, 1953 — May 14, 2015)

*poem from THE BEFORELIFE, Alfred A. Knopf, 2002


18 Apr


13 Mar

Brilliant review of Allan Peterson’s PRECARIOUS by Kent Shaw (THE RUMPUS)

13 Mar allans-cover


“Oh, Allan Peterson. I thought I knew thee. I thought, To read an Allan Peterson poem is to expect the precarious, the poised, the anticipatory, the appointed. An aesthetics of the delicate edge. Imagine a soft rolling ball, the movement of one image tumbling so easily into the next, or an image that could shift its weight slightly, but enough that any reader, even the trained poetry reader, would wince, because it feels like the poem might possibly slip, as though Peterson is going to let the poem fall off this delicate, so comfortably soft ball. It won’t. It doesn’t. The miracle of Fragile Acts and All the Lavish in Common is how the poems keep their reader situated, balanced, between, OK, cared for. How? It’s Peterson. Oh, Allan Peterson! That’s all it takes. His is the bounty of Imaginative Intelligence. How was it poetry trusted him with this brand of intelligence? Every piece of an Allan Peterson poem feels like a machine of soft cogs with soft balls rolling among them, and all delicately snug against one another.”


Sarah Dravec Reviews PRECARIOUS (Barn Owl Review)

14 Jan


New Work From Tracey Knapp!

10 Jan

New work up today from Tracey Knapp @ Pine Hills Review!

Check out “Utopia, Texas” here.


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