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30 Aug

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by Tracey Knapp

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Tracey Knapp’s MOUTH — Available on SPD and Amazon

25 Aug

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(poem from p. 77 of Tracey Knapp’s MOUTH, 42 Miles Press, 2015)

Tracey Knapp’s MOUTH is now available at AMAZON and SPD.

Click here for a sneak peek of the first couple of pages.

If you are in the California area, Tracey will be celebrating the release of her first book, MOUTH, Wednesday, September 9 at 7:00pm @ Bazaar Cafe. Tracey will read with two other local poet friends, Matthew Siegel and Xan Roberti. For more details please visit Bazaar Cafe or the official Facebook event page. (May need to be signed in to view.)

Other 42 Miles Press titles such as Allan Peterson’s PRECARIOUS, Betsy Andrews’ THE BOTTOM, and Carrie Oeding’s OUR LIST OF SOLUTIONS can be found here thanks to the great people at SPD.

Still have questions, comments, or concerns? Feel free to shoot us an e-mail, tweet, or look us up on Facebook.

p. 42

18 Jul

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Soon you will be able to put Tracey Knapp’s MOUTH on your Amazon Wish List.

It’s coming…

15 Jul

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Mouth by Tracey Knapp coming September 2015.

Announcing the Winner of the 2015 42 Miles Press Poetry Award

1 Jul

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We are very excited to announce that Kimberly Lambright, of Austin, Texas, has won the 42 Miles Press Poetry Award for her manuscript, Ultra-Cabin. The award includes a $1,000 prize in addition to the publication of her book by 42 Miles Press in September 2016. Kimberly will give a reading at Indiana University South Bend upon publication. Congratulations, Kimberly!

Kimberly Lambright currently lives in Austin, Texas. She grew up in the Rocky Mountain range of Northwestern Montana in the small resort town of Bigfork, where the Swan River flows into Flathead Lake, the largest freshwater lake west of the Mississippi. She has since lived in various places, predominantly Portland and Brooklyn. She holds an MFA in poetry from Eastern Washington University in Spokane, Washington and an MA in Humanities & Social Thought from New York University, where she studied phenomenology and poetics. Her poems have appeared in Columbia Poetry Review, Sink Review, Bone Bouquet, Big Bridge, and Wicked Alice. She is a MacDowell Colony fellow and was short-listed for The Best American Nonrequired Reading 2014 for her story, “I Want to Continue,” in ZYZZYVA. Ultra-Cabin is her first book.

A Poem from Ultra-Cabin:


My life inside the egg has been kind.
The purple Northwest evening
jet-streaked, line of cocaine.

I used to believe a prayerful silhouette
outlined my body. At lakes
I tried to catch my glory looking back at me.

God digs like a badger and forgets our heart-to-hearts.
The stars spit up like rehab. Beneath the moonlight
he is flinging dirt and worms.

The song tonight is my grief coming toward me,
a copy of the dark globe, gummed and formless,
I am made of it.

2015 Finalists and Semi-Finalists list (in no particular order):

Dore Kiesselbach – “Settling Up”
Angie Mazakis – “I Was Waiting To See What You Would Do First”
Monica Berlin – “Nostalgia for a World Where We Can Live”
Dan Kaplan – “Instant Killer Wig”
Lindsay Tigue – “System of Ghosts”
Jacqueline Berger – “The Anxious Class”
Abigail Zimmer – “girls their tongues”
Emari DiGiorgio – “The Things A Body Might Become”
Berwyn Moore – “Relative Fields”
Ashley Danielle Ryle – “Sight-Seeing in the Underworld”
Gary Fincke – “After The Three-Moon Era”
Graeme Bezanson – “Nobody’s Does”
Daniel Ross Biegelson – “Here & Elsewhere”
Deborah Schwartz – “A Girl Could Disappear Like This”
Steven Karl – “Green As What Awake”
David Pickering – “This is All I Can Tell You”
Colin Dodds – “The Happy Captive”
Jared Harel – “Punch Card”
Rachel Webster – “Flywheel”
Marc Harshman – “As If The World”
Joanna Lin Want – “A Song Before You Leave”

Announcing Finalists for the 2015 42 Miles Press Poetry Award

24 Jun

We are pleased to announce this year’s finalists for the 42 Miles Press Poetry Award. We will be announcing the winner on July 1st.

2015 finalists (in no particular order):

Dore Kiesselbach
Kimberly Lambright
Angie Mazakis
Monica Berlin
Dan Kaplan
Lindsay Tigue
Jacqueline Berger
Abigail Zimmer
E. Giorgio
Berwyn Moore
Ashley Danielle Rye
Gary Fincke
Graeme Bezanson
Daniel Ross Biegelson
Deborah Schwartz
Steve Karl
David Pickering
Colin Dodds
Jared Harel
Rachel Webster
Marc Harshman
Joanna Lin want

Death is nature’s way…

16 May


FRANZ WRIGHT (March 18, 1953 — May 14, 2015)

*poem from THE BEFORELIFE, Alfred A. Knopf, 2002


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