Poems of the Week – Julie Doxsee

THREE POEMS BY JULIE DOXSEE Your Dry-Eye Curse Because that cloud I’m pointing to has been raining on my town six years straight it’s not the weight of the house affecting my disappearance into mud. You’d sink when the part of our body that is legs takes charge.   Achilles Achilles on the moor seesContinue reading “Poems of the Week – Julie Doxsee”

Poems of the Week – Forthcoming 42 Miles Press Author Allan Peterson

THREE POEMS BY ALLAN PETERSON     Reminders Who speaks for the body? We do. Every eminence named, each fossa, eloquent structures of shining bones as if standing undone on a hill above Urbino, artists making bright lines in bright sun, bright language as the bones resurface after an interim of flesh. Ribs, phalanges, wingsContinue reading “Poems of the Week – Forthcoming 42 Miles Press Author Allan Peterson”

Poems of the Week

THREE POEMS BY CHRISTOPHER SCHMIDT All Tomorrow’s Parties Expect no takers. Don’t hate Queens. Where everyone is smoking is and is not here. Lumberjack stares at the boyfriend, the boyfriend. Serious? Serious? Like interns on TV. Like, fun. Another malady. Cat and mouth and cant and mouse. My sentiments exact. Swallow, stumble pie could notContinue reading “Poems of the Week”