Poems of the Week – 2013 Finalists Part 2

THREE POEMS BY 42 MILES PRESS POETRY AWARD 2013 FINALISTS PAULA BONNELL General Correspondence Dream sea; me adrift on a night-raft. Dull metal-gloss water murmurs and wobbles, wobbles to a wallop. Going aground. I wash up on an island, bed-white, flat amid wave flickers. Water weights double over; foam stipples the sands. Temblors – shockingContinue reading “Poems of the Week – 2013 Finalists Part 2”

Poems of the Week – 2013 Finalists Part 1

THREE POEMS BY 42 MILES PRESS POETRY AWARD 2013 FINALISTS     MARK WISNIESKI One Week Before Heart Surgery last night I dreamt Hemingway was alive & only he & I & his fourth wife knew he wasn’t long from his second death he was leaning back against an armchair in a bungalow he rentedContinue reading “Poems of the Week – 2013 Finalists Part 1”

Announcing the Winner and Runners-Up of the (2016) 42 Miles Press Poetry Award

Well, we are a day behind making this announcement, but what can we say, the competition this year was fierce. Thank you to everyone that submitted to our competition this year, without you, this press, specifically, this competition would not be possible. Our decision was anything but easy, but we are pleased to announce thatContinue reading “Announcing the Winner and Runners-Up of the (2016) 42 Miles Press Poetry Award”

Poems of the Week – Greg Rappleye

THREE POEMS BY GREG RAPPLEYE   At the Museum of Whiskey History I find my dead, sneaking shots of Old Crow on the line at Kelsey-Hayes– bootleggers, priests, procession swellers. Here’s Uncle Ted saying, Cheers to you all, after beating a black man senseless behind a blind pig. And there’s Aunt Rose, fresh from theContinue reading “Poems of the Week – Greg Rappleye”

Poems of the Week – Katie Peterson

THREE POEMS BY KATIE PETERSON   Creation from Chaos In the great river gorges a misguided bird breaks the egg of the world unceremoniously, unclear whether eating or hatching is in order. The trees so full of gibbons no flying thing can nest. And the gibbons will not rest. Screechings accumulate like round peelings ofContinue reading “Poems of the Week – Katie Peterson”

Poems of the Week – Alissa Valles

THREE POEMS BY ALISSA VALLES   In the North (Westerbork) Winter came and went, spreading its iron grain; the earth the color of ash, trees the color of bone. In an interval between wars, spring and summer passed, color advertisements for another country. At a place where trains departed every Tuesday a stick probes theContinue reading “Poems of the Week – Alissa Valles”

Poems of the Week – Frederick Seidel

THREE POEMS BY FREDERICK SEIDEL   Fog I spend most of my time not dying. That’s what living is for. I climb on a motorcycle. I climb on a cloud and rain. I climb on a woman I love. I repeat my themes. Here I am in Bologna again. Here I go again. Here IContinue reading “Poems of the Week – Frederick Seidel”

Poems of the Week – Noah Eli Gordon

THREE POEMS BY NOAH ELI GORDON   A point of view apart from a personal embrace watching the unfolding of an envelope a red thread from a felt purse landscape pulled in increments or another anchor to architecture love to the voice-over of someone older if this desire for narrative outweighed our willingness to concedeContinue reading “Poems of the Week – Noah Eli Gordon”

Poems of the Week – Jonathan Johnson

THREE POEMS BY JONATHAN JOHNSON   Thirty Give me a moment, sun gone to shapeless cloud at evening and wall of trees where field is done and the unspeakable questions begin, birch, oak, beech, poplar, hemlock, black bark spruce, fence of wrought iron companions and stone block corners, stone, grass, leaves, and tear the momentContinue reading “Poems of the Week – Jonathan Johnson”

Poems of the Week – Molly Brodak

THREE POEMS BY MOLLY BRODAK   Whoever Said Hell Is Not Beautiful The doorknob was not hot. If death meant framelessness in landscape, then I must’ve closed my eyes at the next alarming vista– moving towards the gigantic until I became as small as I needed. I felt for the edge & left everyone. TheContinue reading “Poems of the Week – Molly Brodak”