Poems of the Week – Mary Ann Samyn

12 Sep


Let’s Be Serious Now


Men’s bodies are interesting.

One thought or another on a long day.


I was being watched, mildly, from afar.

The story lay in wait; I’d not been there.


The falconer said: birds fly from hunger.

Careful; all’s forgiven.


For no reason, long ago reappears, handwritten.

The guitar riff I’ve always wanted to be starts up.



Let the metaphors commence.


At Glen Lake vs. The Birth of Anger

Briefly put, I was spring-fed,
like many a lake.

For his part, Jesus slept a lot,
while others worried.

Returning home isn’t easy;
no one said it would be.

Talk about comfort zones,
sticky sadness—

The children drew chalk crucifixes,
two versions; please vote.

All around the lake, tiki lights mean
someone’s making a party.

Good for him is what I thought;
I’ll pray to that.


The Moon Through a Skylight

A wing on a shelf, somewhat functional,
like a lady’s fan, or another era.
And on the underside of each feather, a spine:
yellow like a secret.
All of it, a leftover altar, not mine.
Mine is all stones, including the one shaped like a heart.
“You’re certain, aren’t you?” someone asked,
though I felt told.
And later when he dropped the word regards,
I picked up even that, and added to my little stash.


* all poems from My Life in Heaven, Oberlin College Press, 2013.


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